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Client Testimonials

Business Client Testimonials

I am very pleased with the preformance of Mike and his accounting firm.

Mamie G. Ray, Houston Automation, Inc.

I've been working with Mike C Manoloff for 4 years now since my start up in July of 2007. He's been there for me every step of the way and I have leaned on him for advice, guidance, and various smart business strategies on more than one occasion. He stays up to date with the ever changing tax laws. His QuickBooks knowledge and services have played a huge role in our success here at Grimes Industrial, Inc. Mike and his staff there are all very easy to deal with and are very responsive to any inquiry we send their way. I would recommend (and have) Mike C Manoloff PC to anyone thinking about starting up a small business or anyone looking to change the way they're currently operating.

Grimes Industrials

Endorse this professional's work. His firm is known for their tireless work ethic and commitment to client success and satisfaction. I would strongly recommend Mike Manoloff to fellow business owners or individuals seeking assistance with their accounting needs.

Voss Law Firm

Great CPA, excellent communication between our companies. I definetly recomend MIKE MANOLOFF to anyone. If there is any problems that we are doing wrong they let us know as soon as possible. We highly appreciate all their hard work and support.

Intership Services

Mike has been retained as an expert witness with my law office on a complex commercial case that involved many complex accounting issues. He advice and analysis has been invaluable.

William Hancock, Attorney

All my companies and my personal businesses are using Mr.Manoloff since 1987. Mike Manoloff never let us down during our financial testing moments.its hard to find any one like Mr.Mike who personally sits with the client and spent hundreds of hours going through the paperwork at the time of audits and other financial/legal challenges.I myself and all my friends trust Mr.Mike and his large firm our only option to represent us and recommend him to every one who believes in their american dreams.

Imran Wasiq/p>

Mike corrected what our prior bookkeepers had made a total mess of. He corrected the payroll returns within just weeks with the IRS, and he saved me over $5,000 on my tax return. He is too reasonable on his fees, I should be paying much more for these tax savings.

Ira B.

Individual Client Testimonials

Individual Client Testimonials

Mike Manoloff has been my accountant for 15 years. I have peace of mind that all my books and taxes are being done accuratly and thoroughly. I have peace of mind that I have taken advantage of every possible deduction or credit possible. Thanks, Mike

Angela Davis

This firm is made to order for any company! I love the way they take care of me "behind the scenes". I no longer worry about having to make time for my accountant every month. When I need advice my questions are always answered the same day via email or phone!

Anonymous Reviewer

He is there for me when I need him he is the best CPA I know .


We've been utilizing Mike's services for multiple years for all our accounting needs. All I have to worry about is getting the proper information sent to his staff in a timely manner, and everything will be taken care of without further intervention on my part.

Hugh Cornelius

We asked the Manoloff office to go above and beyond to help us with some late fillings. They did, no problem and faster then I could have hoped....

Anoymous Reviewer

It is a joy to work with this group. They are always helpful and prompt. Very organized and customer oriented.

Kim King

Mr.Mike is my CPA for the last 21 years. I am very happy and satisfied with his work. I think I cannot find any better CPA then Mr Mike.

Muhammad Amin

There is no doubt that Mike and his wonderful staff has the know how to get your IRS woes under control. 2010 was my second tax year with Mike and I know we have found our permanent personal and business tax professional.

Anonymous Reviewer

I have known Mike for years. He keeps up with all the newest tax laws. Great job always...

Anonymous Reviewer

Last year Mike went over my taxes from previous years when I did the returns myself. He found my mistakes and helped me get a lot of money back from the IRS.


I have only been a client for a few months so I have limited experience. I live outside the US so it's imperative for me to have a CPA firm I can depend on! I have found the services to be very dependable and the people I have dealt with via email have been very pleasant. I think the hourly service rate is very reasonable but at the same time I believe the tax preparation rate is a little expensive. I plan to be a client of this firm for a long time!

David Vaughn

We needed financial assistance on our loans and Mike really helped us out. Even in these hard to find money times we were able to obtain financing.


We had asked our bookkeeper the same questions and could not get a straight answer. Within 2 meetings, Mike had explained to us everything, showed us how to save $30,000 on our business and another $3,000 on our personal tax returns. Very knowledgeable, is concerned about our business.

Alan T.

Within 15 minutes of looking at our tax return, Mike saw a way to save us $15,000 annually. My CPA Attorney could not do this while preparing the return for 2 years. We found the right person to handle our financial affairs. He handled our IRS issues in less than 8 weeks and our attorney could not resolve in 6 months, great job.

Harold C.

I have been a client for many years now and I am completely satisfied with their services, they are always on time, accurate and every time that we have been audited we got positive results, we feel confident with their reliable services.

Sergio Lefebvre

I am very satisfied with Mike's abilities as a CPA. I have been a client for about 5 years. He works closely with my financial advisor to insure all documents are received to performed my tax returns

Deborah Chiasson

Great CPA. Quick to provide reports. Would recommend to anyone in need of a good business CPA. Has values, understanding of the tax laws and communicates with his clients. Always gives good advice. A pleasure to work with. Mike is very friendly, always treats customers as his relatives.

An Phan

I have been working with Mike now for over three years and he has always done an exceptional job. His staff is always helpful and quick to respond to any questions I have.

Dr. David M.

Mr. Manoloff's knowledge is unparalleled. I needed counsel on several topics- most importantly, the differences in professional corporations- and his expeditious clarification allowed me to confidently make the appropriate choice. Clearly a first rate establishment founded upon high moral and ethical practices.

Logan Barbiche, D.C.

I was referred to Mike by a colleague of mine and I've been doing business with Mike and his team for 8 years. He is a great extension to me in the capacity of business planning; tax reporting; accounting, tax and business advice! He's an absolute pleasure to do business with. Very professional! Extremely knowledgeable! Always a master at staying on top of updates and changes and extremely efficient and accurate in delivering results!

Kimberly Munsell

Mike has been my CPA for many years now, and he has done the taxes for my business and personal income taxes. His work is excellent and I have no complaints, plus he gets the work done quickly.

Anonymous Reviewer

They are punctual with appointment times and always kind to answer any questions and each time they have prepared my return it was ready. I often work abroad and with his guidance and training to his team, they are always able to answer any questions I have about deductions and the like I am happy to be his client and this will continue until due time. I would like to compliment them on being pioneers in the electronic age by keeping clients informed of any tax changes and laws. His newsletter is informative but I must say I have not read it in totality just looked at points that interest me.

Jennifer Jolivet

Mr. Manoloff and his staff have been a critical part of our business since 1993. They have kept us from ever being audited by the state or federal government and always kept us up to speed on the ever changing tax laws. For this we are vary grateful. THANKS MIKE & STAFF!!! A TOUCH OF CLASS.

Anonymous Reviewer

Mike is an excellent accountant, a true professional, and an all around good guy. He is very attentive to his client's needs.

Ernie Hill

It was great, Mike saved me over $10,000 by looking at my books, instead of just doing my tax return at year end. Best move I made. Great articles too.